What We Do

JHI is a Live Events Advertising & Marketing Company offering creative marketing solutions for London, national and international theatre productions and live events.

Delivering audiences
Growing the arts
Touching lives
- It’s what we do

JHI plan and deliver all or any part of a ‘full service’ campaign heading up the strategy and budgets in-house and working alongside experts in the various fields necessary to deliver a targeted and creative campaign.

The outsourcing of media buying allows us to use specialist and expert buying power for each area of the media. With the constantly changing media landscape this allows us to stay at the very forefront of media developments, thus providing targeted and up to date solutions.

The in-house team at JHI comprises a Campaign Management team, a Sales & Ticketing department and a Digital and Social Media team. These experts are therefore able to define and deliver an audience for any event

For the moment

For the production

For the audience

For the budget


Working alongside a specific designer or design team, we liaise between client and creative to deliver print, digital, video and smart media assets to convey the right message for the right market, according to spec and within given deadlines.


JHI has a print buyer who will collate prices for all print items and who is experienced in delivering for London Underground and who can advise on print weights and stocks  


JHI has relationships with well-known and new-to-market media buyers and will always source the best fit for each project. Media buys vary across print, radio, digital, social media, tv and outdoor.

Digital media buys provide daily reports which inform the direction of the campaign and provides information on the audiences we are reaching and helps us direct how to communicate with them.


Working alongside independent promotional experts, JHI can advise on best practice across these companies, working collaboratively and supportively with them to deliver the best assets and the best box office set-up to create the most successful promotions.

JHI also has its own relationships with key media, hotel, restaurant and other 3rd party partners, so will make sure the best person secures the best promotion for the project.

There is more cross-over than ever with ticketing solutions and 3rd party partners, so JHI can advise on this as well.


JHI have responded quickly to market needs in this area and employed a team of experienced and talented experts to help in digital media placement, paid and organic social media. With constant research and analysis on content-driven campaigns, we have proven success in this fast developing area. 


JHI has a team of box office support staff working under a Sales & Ticketing Manager who work closely with existing box offices and ticket agents and in some cases act as the box office, to deliver constant and reactive sales analysis.

This inventory management feeds directly back to the Campaign Teams and is paramount to delivering increased returns on all our productions. 

Liaising with Ticket Agents and providing up to date advice in this area is more important than ever and JHI prides itself on working extremely closely with the key ticket agents and other established sales avenues to get best practice from each one, taking advantage of their suitability to deliver for a specific project, during a limited time period.

This hands-on approach delivers direct and accountable results.


On being appointed, and issuing a contract, JHI will manage the advance and running marketing budgets for each production, with a close partnership between the client’s accounts department and our own. We manage cash-flow projections, payment plans and invoicing with full transparency so that there are no unwelcome surprises for the production or the client.

In December 2018 Fane Productions acquired JHI Ltd, joining a stable of literary and talent based companies headed by Original Talent Ltd.