Rhys Rodrigues

Social Media and Content Executive


I was first immersed into the world of theatre having been heavily involved in music and theatre whilst studying at university. I read music at Collingwood College, The University of Durham, and graduated with a BA (Hons).

 My passion for theatre started off in musical theatre, having been the musical director of several shows. My friend and I began to develop our own shows, which included composing a musical called ‘Tappuccino’. This was about a tap-dancing coffee bean’s adventure to try and save the rainforest, naturally! After a sold-out run in Durham this was then taken to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is currently being workshopped for future performances.

My passion for storytelling through theatre began to explore how this could be done through marketing. This encouraged me to think about the way we share narratives through social media. Working for JHI as their Social Media and Content Executive has allowed me to think creatively and freely about the way I can share a narrative, and encourage people to engage in this narrative. The prospect of using social media as a tool to connect people to theatre excites me, and I am looking forward to seeing how I can help contribute to this within JHI.