Eleni Cashell

Social Media and Content Manager

Ever since I took my first tiny steps onto my local theatre’s stage at the age of four, I knew I wanted to work in the theatre. But those tiny steps (and several failed auditions at my local amateur dramatics group) also made me realise that I wasn’t talented enough to be performing it, and I should probably stick to my strengths; producing content about it.

So after graduating, I decided to leave my small Welsh town and head for the big smoke of London. I had no money, no job, no London-based friends but a love of theatre that would only be happy if I moved to be closer to the West End.

Theatreland wasn’t quite ready for me to work there though, so I spent several years building up my skills (and watching more shows than my bank balance could handle to compensate) in a range of roles and sectors. From editorial work at teen magazines and recruitment companies, to leading teams and content strategies in higher education and finance roles, I’ve certainly learnt a lot along the way to the West End!  I eventually became a Content Manager for the Society of London Theatre, where I worked at huge events like the Olivier Awards and West End LIVE, and got to call it my job.

Now I have the incredible privilege of leading the content and social media strategy for the wonderfully mischievous Mischief Theatre and work alongside the hugely talented JHI team on other really exciting projects. As someone who has watched so many shows worked on by JHI, and seen their incredible content campaigns, I’m really thrilled to be a part of the team.